Catalysm 7 Days to Die Server Monitor & Manager Bot

CSMM gives admins unprecedented control over 7 Days to Die and insight into users 7 Days to Die servers. Because CSMM for 7 Days to Die is highly customizable, you can make your server manager do what you want it to do. You can choose to host CSMM for 7 Days to Die on your own server or use one of the free public instances.


Player tracking

Catch cheaters and raiders like never before with CSMMs built-in tracking. Search for player, location and/or timeframe to find the data you need.

Ingame features

Economy, teleports, custom commands, support tickets, server automation, ... CSMM has lots of ingame features to take advantage of.

Discord bot

CSMM comes with a powerful Discord bot that lets you execute server commands from Discord, create a chatbridge between your game and a Discord channel and send notifications.